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Warrington & Rose are expert designers and fabricators of bespoke concrete products. Each of our solutions is a unique exploration of concrete in its purest form. Utilising concrete’s fluid state and the latest mould production, Warrington & Rose sculpt highly unique and aesthetically contemporary design statements for all interior and exterior spaces. Concrete offers a contemporary and innovative alternative for many surfaces, products, tiles and ornaments.

Concrete’s versatility is grounded in the properties of its raw elements. Through a process of adjusting pigmentation and varying aggregate mixtures, Warrington & Rose are able to offer a variety of finishes and colours for each of its products. Concrete forms can be polished to a high gloss, resulting in stunningly reflective architectural surfaces. Alternatively, concrete can be cast and left in its natural form. Either way, each concrete product contains unique idiosyncrasies that give it a richness of character and space defining personality.

Warrington & Rose can work with you to design custom solutions tailored to your space or built directly from technical drawings. Warrington & Rose have developed a lightweight solution for use in work surfaces, basins and wall coverings, meaning that existing structures do not require reinforcement prior to installation. All products are treated with sealers and waxes for ease of maintenance, over time, concrete surfaces build up a natural patina that add to its character and increases its appeal.