Concrete Bath

Concrete Bath

CS00-I01 Concrete Bath

Warrington and Rose are an international award-winning practice based in the United Kingdom, working on a vast array of design projects worldwide. Founded in 2010 by Michael Thorp, and joined by energetic, creative and committed collaborators.

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We work closely with clients to help realise concrete centric products and interior architecture. If you would like further information, please get in touch.

Expert designers and fabricators of bespoke concrete products, each of our solutions is a unique exploration of concrete in its purest form. Utilising concrete’s fluid state and the latest mould production, Warrington and Rose sculpt highly unique and aesthetically contemporary design statements for all interior and exterior spaces. Concrete offers a contemporary and innovative alternative for many surfaces, products, tiles and ornaments.

Concrete bathtubs have rapidly gained recognition in contemporary interior design for their unique blend of aesthetic appeal, durability, and versatility. These statement pieces offer a luxurious bathing experience while enhancing the overall look and feel of bathrooms in both residential and commercial settings.

One of the defining features of concrete bathtubs is their ability to be customised. Crafted from a blend of cement, sand, and aggregates, these tubs can be meticulously moulded into various shapes and sizes, allowing for tailored designs that align with individual preferences and complement any bathroom decor. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern tub or a more rustic, organic look, concrete bathtubs can be adapted to suit your vision.

In addition to their aesthetic versatility, concrete bathtubs are known for their exceptional durability. They can withstand the rigors of daily use, resist chipping, and are less prone to staining than some other bathtub materials. This longevity makes them an ideal choice for high-traffic bathrooms.

Concrete bathtubs also exhibit excellent heat retention properties, ensuring a warm and comfortable bath every time. Maintenance is relatively straightforward, typically requiring only occasional resealing to maintain their water resistance and sheen.

Concrete bathtubs offer a harmonious fusion of luxury, practicality, and sustainability, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a distinctive and enduring bathtub solution. Whether you are renovating your bathroom or designing a new one, concrete bathtubs provide an exquisite centerpiece that elevates both aesthetics and functionality.