What type of concrete do you use?

We generally work with precast Ultra high performance concrete (UHPC), Glass fibre reinforced Concrete (GFRC) or Microcements.

Each material has its own unique characteristics and will be recommended dependant on the job requirements. All can be colour matched to a Ral or pantone colour reference upon request.

Is the concrete sealed and is there any maintance?

We love our concrete, but we also believe its longevity is only as good as the sealers used to keep it looking good for a very long time. We have different options when it comes to sealers dependant on the project requirements. We will make recommendations based on intended use or budget. As a general rule most of our product is sealed with a very durable UV stable sealer that has excellent resistance to staining and abrasion, ensuring our product is fit for purpose and suitable for both residential and commercial projects alike. General maintenance is minimal with a thin layer of our easy to apply spray wax used as part of a cleaning routine. Full care documents are available on request.

What can you make in concrete?

Due to its fluid form and careful mould making, we can pretty much tame our concrete into any form or shape. the possibilities are endless.

Residential Kitchen - Concrete worktops, backsplashes, wallpanels, sinks, shelves.
Bathroom - Concrete baths, basins, shower trays. shelves, vanity units, panels, product
Outdoor - Benches, kitchens, tables, sculpture, lighting, water features, planters, steps
Commercial - High and low volume Baths, basins, Reception desks, wall panels, POS, signage, conference tables, wall panels, shelves, kitchens, public space furniture, totems.
Product - Bowls, pots, lights, plinths, coasters, speaker cabinets, boats, concrete pillows if you want.. you get the idea:)

How heavy is it? Will I have to reinforce my cabinets?

GFRC is generally 40% lighter than traditional concrete at approximately 40kg per square meter for a 20mm slab so in most circumstances your kitchen carcass’ will not need reinforcing.

UHPC tends to be denser in form and is therefore heavier However in some instances the design requirements of the concrete, large cantilevers for instance will require reinforcement but this is something we would advise on during a site visit or during templating.

Say If I order 100 basins will they all be the same colour?

Although there can be differences in colour these are typically only noticeable during extreme weather change/temperature - All our UHPC (ultra high performance concrete) mixes are calculated and accurately measured to the gramme to minimise variation. Our batch size/daily casting number depends on job requirements, budget and build schedule all of which can be discussed in more detail dependant on the project requirements.

Will my concrete colour fade over time?

The pigments and sealers we use are all UV stable so a difference in patina due to UV exposure should not be noticeable.

Will you make a mess on site?

While fabricating concrete can be messy, our primary focus is on precast items, which means that the messier aspects of our work are typically contained within our workshop. In cases where this is not possible, we diligently strive to maintain a clean and organized work site, ensuring that all waste is removed for recycling.

Whats the biggest single piece of concrete you can make?

There is no real limit in size from our end, We have a large workshop with ample room for pretty much any size mould. To date the largest single length piece is a 6.5m x 0.6m shelf. The largest kitchen Island to date was 3.6 x 2.2m. We find the main limitation to size is usually the site conditions on site in terms of being able to get the item into position. If this is not an issue, the skys the limit.

Do you do polished concrete floors?

We only offer a microcement floor finish.

Are you insured?

We operate with £10million public liability insurance as standard.

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How is cement made??? Check it this link -

How to care for your concrete

Each of our products is provided with a care pack, which includes complimentary sealant and specialist grout to help keep your concrete product looking good for years to come. For any further assistance, please get in touch.

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Whilst we deliver to most areas in the UK, we are unable to guarantee FREE delivery to certain areas. These include Highlands and Islands, Channel Islands, Isles of Scilly and the Isle of Man. We do not deliver to BFPO addresses or Guernsey. If we are unable to offer FREE delivery to your particular location, we will get in touch by email or phone to help provide an alternative solution.


You have the right to return your order within 14 days of receiving your purchase. Please note that you are responsible for return postage costs. Before requesting a return please get in touch via email info@warringtonandrose.co.uk and we will do our best to help.



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