Concrete Worktops

Concrete Worktops

CS04-I01 Concrete Worktops

Transform your space into a haven of sophistication with our exquisite polished concrete worktops.

Industrial chic seamlessly merges with urban sophistication, making them the perfect foundation for any setting, be it a kitchen, bar or workspace. These worktops epitomise the elegant blend of minimalism and opulence, crafting a versatile design statement that harmoniously complements any environment. Crafted with lightweight concrete, meticulously sealed with leading surface protectors, an extensive range of finishes, and a diverse palette of 32 standard colours, our worktops offer limitless design potential. Not only do they cater to your creative vision, but they also meet the practical durability needs of both domestic and commercial spaces, ensuring lasting beauty.

  • A selection of concrete colour samples can be purchased via our website by clicking here.


Example of one of our custom polished concrete worktop installed at a residential project.


Birds eye view of our Fieldway Cresent large worktop project with drainer grooves and undermounted sink.


Over 4 meters long concrete island with waterfall ends for our client J Cook Constructions.


Concrete worktops and island for a residential project in Nottingham.


A chunky live edge wood is incorporated into a large concrete island at our Stanton residential project.


Custom polished concrete worktops created at our workshops and installed at our client's home.


Sectional view of the large concrete worktops installed at our client's home.


Large polished concrete worktop contrasting beautifully against the yellow cabinet doors in this new extention.


A large polished concrete island in the cafe of Studio Richter Mahr that is the heart of the venue.