W+R+OX Grills Asado

With a hand built, custom grill, made in Great Britain.

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This is the Ox Grills Classic unit from the Iroko with doors Modular Concrete Kitchen range.

The custom Ox Grills Classic pictured is included.

Slatted Iroko doors with a choice of concrete colour.
‚ÄčThe durability of concrete combined with the natural weather resistant attributes of Iroko ensure these units are designed to last.

Our kitchen units are suitable for indoor / outdoor use in a domestic or commercial setting. Resting on heavy duty castors -allowing it to be moved easily, if required.
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Product Name

W+R+OX Grills Asado

Product Details

Iroko - with doors


1000 x 650 x 930 (mm)


Approx 180 KG

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