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Slip into our ergonomic 170 cm long HEMA bathtub. Its biophilic design mirrors the smooth curves of a pebble; the elements of nature bring calm and respite into man-made spaces. It’s deep and a generous size (two people and a dog can soak together). It's the ideal tub to bring luxury into any domestic and commercial setting. For an elegant, contemporary design it has narrow walls and a smooth interior. Yet the tub’s exterior walls show the concrete’s individual markings - we love how every tub has its own pale veining and unique finish. Every Hema tub is different.
Please note, production time is currently 6-8 weeks for a HEMA bathtub.

PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR MORE DETAILS ON info@warringtonandrose.co.uk

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1700 x 800 x 550 (mm)


280 KG

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